First blog post

Hi, this will be the first quick and dirty test of my blog rendering pipeline.

Firstly I have to tell that this website was planned to launch way back in January this year but of course I left it as unfinished project.

I decided to continue it after seeing really interesting (for me at least) project. For now, my homepage is about 1020 bytes in uncompressed size and after brotli compression it should be around 440. I’ve optimized it for lz77 compression mostly by repeating similar css values/properties. Unfortunately my .onion link breaks just about everything adding like 53 bytes to the compressed size.

Source code should work here but there’s no support for highlighting as of now

import os

Capybaras are so cute so here’s one

pic of capybara

This picture should be displayed in the possibly “the best” image codec your browser supports:

Also, here’s original source of the image.